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FREDERICK V. ROMANO - Boxing Biography

     A boxing historian for the past 35 years, Mr. Romano has followed and studied the sport of boxing. Several years ago, he served as a research consultant for HBO Boxing’s Ring Life series where he interfaced with prominent promoters, fighters and trainers. At that time he also produced and hosted a cable television show Boxing with Fred Romano which aired monthly in Manhattan.

      In 2004, he released his first book, The Boxing Filmography, American Features, 1920-2003, through McFarland Publishers, Inc., to critical acclaim. Critics have described the book as “well-written and researched,....eminently readable,....illuminating,....absorbing,....informative and entertaining.” In conjunction with the book, he has appeared on several radio programs including WFAN’s The Tony Paige Show in New York, WOR’s The Joey Reynolds Show, a nationally syndicated program, and The Wiseguy Show, hosted by Vinny “Big Pussy” Pastore. 

     In 2016, Mr. Romano completed his second book The Broadcast of Boxing on Radio and Television: Their Golden Years: 1921-1964; publication pending.

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