Boxing and Film Historian / Public Speaker and Consultant

Mr. Romano has studied the sport of boxing for 30 years. Included amongst his personal archives are thousands of boxing books and magazines, and an equal number of recorded boxing matches, specials, and documentaries. His book on the sport of boxing and film, The Boxing Filmography, American Features, 1920-2003 was published in 2004 and received critical acclaim. He is presently in pre-production on a historical boxing documentary featuring Budd Schulberg, which will be narrated by actor Danny Aiello. He is also in pre-production on a boxing television program which will soon appear on Manhattan cable television on various channels offered by Cable Vision and RCN.

Mr. Romano is available for speaking engagements and to provide consultation services on the history of boxing in film, as well as the sport of boxing in general. For more details on his involvement with the sport, see "boxing biography"in the Biography section.