Inside my heart, I have visions of little children at play,
I hear their tiny voices crying.
Babes who yearned and wondered,
Sometimes going unheard, they looked with indifferent eyes at a vast world.

Inside my heart, like it was yesterday,
Big boys - not yet men,
Push and shout, yell and defy - hiding tears and facing life sideways.
Boys with large questions and great desires.

Inside my heart, men who I see just around the corner,
Wear wrinkles of their newfound experience,
Stand proud with visions,
But unknown to themselves, teeter on the threshold of age.

Inside my heart - old men - with tired eyes, but strong minds
Recollect and reflect,
Men who cannot be touched, because they are not yet to be,
But make up the man who will someday be me.

Copyright 2008, Frederick V. Romano